Elcef Fibre



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Elcef Fibre is a highly effective coir absorbent, that can be used on a broad range of hazardous and non hazardous spills.

Elcef Fibre is washed,heat treated, screened and graded to a unique specificationbefore being packaged. It is consistent and uniform in texture.


It demonstrates a preference for hydrocarbons from an oil/water mix and can therefore be used outside in wet conditions, unlike clay granules.


1 litre of Elcef has a surface area of 6000 square metres, due to its honeycomb structure.


Available in these sizes :


20 litre bag

40 litre bag

80 litre bag

Bulk Bag




Elcef Fibre works faster and absorbs more than most other absorbents.




 Elcef Fibre 80 litre pallets
 Elcef Fibre 20 litre bags