Galuku Coir Bales

Coir Bales.


Coir is available in bales at compression ratio of 2.5:1

These bales contain approximately 250 litres of coir substrate when opened. They are easily broken by hand.


Cubic Metre Bulk Bags.


 Coir is available in 1 cubic metre bulk bags fully reconstituted and processed to meet your own moisture requirements. 


Available in single bags through to full articulated truck loads.


5 kg Hydro Blocks


Coir is available in 5kg blocks that are compressed at a 5:1 ratio. Once these are wetted up correctly they will yield 60 litres of substrate.



Available in single units through to full pallets of 180 blocks.

 Galuku Naked 5kg Blocks

Galuku Hydroponic Blocks are available in naked palletized 4.5kg blocks.

Blocks are available in different grades suitable for hydroponic growing media for various crops and conditions. They are suitable for container growing in Pots, Plastic Bags, Styrene Boxes, Bato Boxes and Mapal Trough Systems.

Galuku hydroponic coir substrates are 100% organic, free from chemical additives and soil disease. Whether you grow in high tech glasshouses or low tech poly tunnels, we can supply you with the best Hydroponic Coir Substrates.