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 Galuku Hydro CS Growbags

Galuku Hydro CS Growbags


These growbags are used very successfully by commercial growers all over the world, over 4 million in production at any one time.


They are available in 4 different sizes


With pre cut drainage holes and pre drilled dripper holes, these growbags are available in a variety of air/water combinations that will allow the grower to steer the water content on a daily or seasonal basis.




These products are designed for greenhouse crops are used commercially all over the world. Cucumbers in Easyfil Coir is hydrophillic meaning that unlike traditional composts that struggle to wet up once dried out, coir readily accepts water and is soon restored if allowed to dry out.

Galuku's Patented EasyFil Planterbags

10 litres of growing substrate expanded before your eyes using water. Simply open pack, water and wait. Patented system ensures that overwatering is kept to a minimum.


Saves money by reducing labour costs with the Hydroponic growing media and planter bag delivered as one product.


Provides for multiple crop cycles by eliminating the need to replace growing media after every crop as you need to with wood-shavings substrates. Better hygiene in achieved with a self-contained system reducing the risk of contaminating media.


IMPROVES CROP YIELDS: Commercially proven to increase the quantity and quality of many crops including tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums.


SAVES WATER: Allows for accurate control of moisture content during critical crop phases


 Galuku easyfilAvailable in single units or in boxes of 28 units